Vietnamese Lunar New Year is coming, Spring is coming, quickly go home to your family, Aidedo friends!

Celebrating the approaching year of Nham Thin 2024 (year of Dragon), Aidedo Outsourcing Provider wishes the Partners, Aidedo members and your family’s good days.

Have a prosperous and happy Vietnamese Lunar New Year with your family and loved ones.

Help Aidedo members, some of you will return home with your family and parents, but some of you will not return to your hometown but choose to stay at your current workplace, a place far from home. Sensing that, the Aidedo Board of Directors has considered and selected gifts with a hometown flavor, so that Aidedo members can have a close Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

The Board of Directors gave Aidedo’s Vietnamese Lunar New Year gifts to members during the Year End Party 2023 – The party that marked the end of the old year and welcomed the new year for the entire company.

The Friendship flavor is in Aidedo Gift Box, including dried nuts: Almonds, Plum Jam, Raisins, Dried Peas, Pistachios and finally Cashews. The gift includes 6 dried nuts selected from a reputable supplier, bringing the best quality in each gift for Aidedo members, as well as your family.

Choosing Aidedo Gift Box are dried fruits and nuts aimed at a healthy Vietnamese Lunar New Year full of flavor, sweet and providing healthy nutrients. Therefore, Aidedo Outsourcing Provider wants its members to aim for using nuts with good nutritional ingredients, clean foods that still provide enough energy for long days of effective work. Aidedo provides those nutritious portions not only for you – the recipient, but also for those who enjoy them with you such as family and relatives. They also need good food and care, attention to health and sweet moments spent together.

Why is the Taste of Friendship Aidedo ‘s year-end gift?

We are a team, you are a special edition, have a unique color palette, and have origins from provinces and cities in all regions of Vietnam. Each type of nut offers 6 unique flavors, suitable for your favorite taste. However, nuts are also a local specialty.

Almonds will be popularly grown in many places, especially Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh… Dried plum jam combined with ginger, creates the mild sour taste of plums, the aroma of ginger, and the taste of Lightly sour and sweet, it is a specialty of Moc Chau. Mentioning grapes means Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan, the origin of grapes and dried grapes. Dried peas are a specialty of Da Lat – The city of thousands of flowers. Pistachios are a specialty of the “Son of the Red Soil Plateau,” Gia Lai, Dak Lak, a tropical monsoon climate with abundant moisture. Finally, roasted cashew nuts are grown in areas with a stable tropical monsoon climate, such as Binh Phuoc and the Central Highlands.

Each type of seed is a famous specialty of provinces and cities within the territory of Vietnam, each seed representing a bit of hometown flavor – the aroma of familial love. Let’s enjoy the Aidedo Gift Box with your family in a joyful atmosphere, sitting together to listen to stories and savor the sweet taste of various seeds as a meaningful gift.

Aidedo Outsourcing Provider always desires and creates the best conditions for each member of Aidedo to return home for Tet, fully enjoying the Vietnamese Lunar New Year reunion flavor, gathering with family, and spending time together after a year of hard work.

Let’s cherish the precious moments with our beloved ones!

Aidedo members.




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