One of the most pressing concerns that clients have while outsourcing their services to a third-party organization is –

Whether they have the required infrastructure, resources, expertise, and experience to provide better results?

What is the work approach followed by the outsourcing company, and if they can expect better results or not?

We are a leading engineering outsourcing services provider following a streamlined 5 stage outsourcing process to ensure that our services are delivered high quality, on time at cost-effective rates.

  • You fill the inquire form
  • Aidedo calls or emails you
  • High level understanding of requirements
  • Ballpark estimate (where possible)
  • Approval to go ahead
  • Detailed understanding of your requirements
  • Execute a pilot project (if required)
  • Confirm pricing
  • Proposal where required
  • Contracting & SLA sign-off
  • Resource deployment & Training
  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Project execution & management
  • On-going reporting & feedback



At Aidedo, we are committed to provide CAD related engineering services with the highest quality assuring full compliance with client objectives and business interests. A comprehensive mechanism is in place to ensure that we meet all internal quality parameters and deliver solutions to the complete satisfaction of clients. Our experts and quality assurance specialists monitor each stage of the functional process leading to product delivery and support ensuring global delivery model according to the best industry standards.

Quality Goals: The Fundamentals of Quality Process

We have set a list of goals to achieve in general. Integral parts of our product development process, these targets show our resolve to go for the best and deliver to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. The following objectives constitute the edifice of our promise to deliver quality products.

  • Error-free process and on-time deliveryqualityControl
  • Employment of best talent and technology
  • The most reasonable cost
  • On-budget and customized solutions
  • Improved client business goals
  • Commitment to meet all client goals set by client
  • Flexible and transparent approach
  • Swift technical and nontechnical support
  • Fool-proof data security
  • Prompt communication

Key Elements of Assured Quality Checking Policy

Aidedo regularly strive to achieve latest quality standards that help our commitment to improve business interests of clients and grow with them. Right from technology to manpower and infrastructure, we seek to optimize resource of our outsourcing partners through our contribution. Our quality policy stands on the following premises.

  • Belief in shared growth
  • 100 percent client satisfaction
  • Low cost not to impact resolve for the best quality
  • Productivity offering time and cost advantage vital for early market introduction
  • Critical performance measures preventing time and cost overruns
  • Overall process capability
  • Speed, accuracy, and efficiency in operations
  • Constant improvements in technical and nontechnical abilities through training

Aidedo Quality Check Process

Integrated quality check process in place at Aidedo office keeps a tab on every step of our operational process. Once the project is awarded, we select the best available talent based on their experience and expertise as team members. They are fully apprised of client objectives and project requirements before given the go ahead. Quality check is carried out in a comprehensive manner, and it involves the following steps.

Verification of details appraised to the team. Internal monitoring mechanism checks if the team has requisite ability to reflect set standards in the operation and delivery.

QA experts look into the methodology, approach, and quality of work and client business goals.

Analysis of the structural design against the input and set parameters. The QA team looks into layers and dimensions and verifies CAD standards, such as texts, scale, line thickness, nomenclature, etc.

If the QA process figures out any error in the drawing or noncompliance to the input, it is sent back to the team for modification.

The same QA process is carried out for resubmitted drawings. If it is approved, the model is sent to auditors for quality sampling process.

Once the auditor gives his nod, the project manager reviews the details at his level and sends it for client approval.

Client suggestions, if any are incorporated and the final design is uploaded via the clouds.

The detail process, including errors observed in the operations and design, are documented for future reference and training of the staff.

The following diagram explains the importance of the QA process in our overall functioning.



Aidedo Quality Commitment

  1. 1. Communicate and understand the precise requirements of the client before starting the project.
  2. Complete the tasks before the committed time.
  3. Support the delivered projects whenever there are any changes from the client.
  4. Keep related information and data strictly confidential.
  5. No deposit required and 100% refund within 24 hours if the client is not satisfied.