The meaningful 2023 journey has come to an end, with AIDEDO opening a new path for 2024. Let’s join Aidedo members to end 2023 with a party together.

2023 is considered a not very good year for companies, small and medium enterprises, but Aidedo Outsourcing Provider still stands firm and is on the path of continuous development. To have that strong position, it is the constant efforts of AIDEDO members and the Board of Directors to always listen and understand their colleagues, and together provide the right direction for the Company.

At the Year End Party 2023, there was the presence of the Board of Directors, the team of Traffic Infrastructure Engineers, Drawing Deployment Engineers, the BO team (Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Sales Admin), … This is a party for all AIDEDO members to look back at the past 2023 journey, share difficulties and promote and recognize the good things in each individual during the year.

The opening of the party will be a look back at the past moments of 2024 of our beloved Aidedo members. Along with that were a few words from Aidedo Director -Aiden Tong (, sharing his feelings in 2023 and the directions in the journey ahead of Aidedo Outsourcing Provider.

Certificates of merit are awarded to outstanding individuals who have outstanding dedication to their work. Therefore, we hope that the remaining Aidedo members will always strive and do their best in their work. Your dedication will always be recognized by the company and that is obviously worthy.

And indispensable is the “Question – Answer immediately” section, questions from simple to difficult are answered immediately by Aidedo members. With a background from famous polytechnic schools and universities, that is not difficult.

Finally, the performance “Golden Voices” Aidedo was presented, contributing to the Year End Party 2023. Bringing a happy atmosphere, dispelling stressful working days.

Year End Party 2023 is a party for Aidedo members to sit together, share and recognize each other’s achievements, to further develop together.

Thank you,

To Aidedo members, you have had a year of dedication and hard work at work. Let’s join to make Aidedo increasingly stronger in the market. And Aidedo always firmly recognizes your contributions – Great partners.

Aidedo Outsourcing Provider!


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