Civil Engineering Outsourcing Services

Are you currently using civil engineering outsourcing services for your company’s projects?

Do you want to use civil engineering outsourcing services for your company’s projects but don’t know where to start?

Are you unsure about the cost of civil engineering outsourcing services?

Are you wondering where to find the best civil engineering outsourcing service provider?

These are just some of the many questions and concerns I often receive from my clients.

Why Do You Need Civil Engineering Outsourcing Services?

With five years of experience providing civil engineering outsourcing services and a team of over 50 engineers who have completed thousands of projects, we frequently advise and support civil engineering company owners ranging from large to medium and small-scale enterprises in the USA, Australia, Ireland, England, and Scotland (developed countries). Most business owners face the following issues:

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Meeting with Clients at Aidedo

1. Inability to Hire Civil Engineers/Civil Engineering Drafters:

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), civil engineering firms are facing significant challenges in hiring and retaining skilled civil engineers. There simply are not enough engineers to handle all the planned or ongoing infrastructure work in the U.S. This issue has been exacerbated by the recent influx of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding over the next several years from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. Furthermore, many young people are not exposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields early in their education, leading to a lack of awareness and understanding of the potential opportunities in these fields.

2. Rising Costs of Civil Engineering Design:

The costs associated with in-house staff, including salaries and benefits, training, recruitment, office infrastructure, equipment, management, taxes, software licenses, and insurance, are all rapidly increasing. This compels business owners to seek cost-cutting solutions. So, what is the solution to reduce the costs of civil engineering project design?

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3. Management Burdens and Retention of Civil Engineers:

The shortage of civil engineers has created significant challenges for business owners, but managing and retaining staff is even more difficult, stressful, and costly, ranging from project managers, civil engineers to drafters, modeling staff, and CAD drafting personnel. Work styles have changed significantly. Today, civil engineers are more interested in jobs that offer greater freedom, autonomy, and flexibility, which affects management and performance evaluation. If there were a solution to this problem, business owners in the civil engineering sector could confidently and sustainably develop their companies.

4. Unstable Projects and Clients:

This is also a major concern for many business owners, especially small and medium-sized civil engineering firms. At times, there are very few projects, not enough work for in-house civil engineers. Conversely, there are times when there are too many projects, a sudden increase, and not enough resources to handle them. Business owners face tough choices: rejecting new projects and clients means losing opportunities for collaboration, revenue, and profit, while accepting them without sufficient resources leads to delays, subpar quality, and loss of reputation. This is a common concern for most small and medium-sized civil engineering firms. We ourselves experienced this difficult period five years ago, but we overcame it all and have grown into a strong team capable of serving many clients and projects simultaneously while ensuring high quality and quick turnaround times.

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5. Bulky Team Structure:

For larger companies, the challenge lies in operations: from costs, benefits, insurance, taxes, to infrastructure, office space, work efficiency, activities, corporate culture, processes, and systems, everything is cumbersome and resource-intensive. The current trend is to optimize the workforce, focusing on core values like sales, marketing, customer service, and optimal design solutions, while outsourcing basic tasks such as civil engineering design, civil engineering drafting, civil engineering modeling, and CAD drafting. Have you outsourced any part of your project yet?

6. Wanting to Scale Up Your Business but Don’t Know How:

Currently, you are doing an excellent job handling everything from client interactions, consulting, designing, drafting project plans, submitting to the government, to making revisions to satisfy clients and meet city regulations, along with countless other tasks. You might be thinking, “If I continue working this way, how can my business grow?” or “How do I develop my business?” So, what is the solution here?

Does civil engineering outsourcing really address the concerns mentioned above?

What is Civil Engineering outsourcing services?

Simply put, it’s hiring an external provider to complete non-core tasks such as Grading and Drainage Plans, Utility Plans, Construction Plans, Grading & Earthwork modeling, Roadway highway design, Drafting, Plan Sheet set up, etc, instead of being completed by in-house members. Here are our services.

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Civil Engineers at Aidedo

Who is Civil Engineering outsourcing service suitable for?

1. Startup civil engineering business owners:

At this stage, you’re practically doing everything from client communication, consulting, designing, implementation, submission, meetings, revisions, site visits, and so on, by yourseft. However, as projects increase, you’ll be overwhelmed with work, prompting you to hire support. Hiring is essential at this stage, but recruiting Civil engineers in the US, Australia, Canada is not easy, not to mention the costs and associated factors like office space, benefits, policies, etc. Therefore, outsourcing some of the current tasks is a necessary solution with many benefits.

2. Small to medium-sized business owners:

At this stage, although you have personnel, your workload is still substantial, ranging from customer consultation, marketing, training, setting up work systems, standardizing forms, styles, etc. Your main task is to build a core team with capable and experienced members to deliver the best project quality to clients. Therefore, outsourcing non-core tasks not only saves costs but also frees up a significant amount of work for the core team, allowing them more time for core tasks to aim for sustainable business development.

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3. Large-scale enterprises:

At this stage, most enterprises already have a strong team, clear working procedures, and transparent systems. However, having the support of civil engineering outsourcing services will optimize the reception of personnel, prioritize in-house teams to carry out important projects and tasks, helping businesses take control of long-term personnel strategies. Because the scale of the business is already large and operates according to standard procedures, outsourcing and requiring civil engineering outsourcing providers are straightforward. Outsourcing at this stage will help your business save resources while optimizing them.

Additionally, if you’re a solo owner, you’re hesitant about managing in-house personnel, have no desire for large business development, and want a free life, then outsourcing civil engineering services are for you. You don’t need to invest in infrastructure, recruitment, worry about fluctuating workloads. The outsourcing civil engineering solution will assist you when you need it, only pay when you have a project, help you handle multiple projects simultaneously, and deal with sudden changes.

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Civil Engineers at Aidedo

How civil engineering outsourcing services work?

We are a leading civil engineering outsourcing services provider following a streamlined 5 stage outsourcing process to ensure that our services are delivered high quality, on time at cost-effective rates.

1. Establish Contact

– You fill in the inquiry form below.

– Aidedo emails you promptly.

    2.Requirement Analysis

    – High level understanding of requirements

    – Ballpark estimate (where possible)

    – Approval to go ahead

    – Detailed understanding of your requirements

    – Execute a pilot project (if required)

    Normally, we will make a video call to discuss in detail about requirements, how we can support you, how about cost, turnaround time, and this is an opportunity to meet directly and understand each other’s partners before starting to work together.

    3.Pricing & Contracting

    – Confirm pricing

    – Proposal where required

    – Contracting & SLA sign-off

    4.Project Initiation

    – Resource deployment & Training

    – Project kick-off meeting

    5.Project Steady State

    – Project execution & management

    – On-going reporting & feedback

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    What is the cost for civil engineering outsourcing services?

    This is a question that all clients with a need for civil engineering outsourcing services are concerned about, and it is extremely important before starting to work together. With 5 years of experience in providing services, we have 3 options, and each option always has its advantages: Hourly rate model, Fixed price model, Dedicated team model. Please take the time to read the details of our pricing models [here].

    Common Questions About Civil Engineering Outsourcing Services

    Do you provide a free trial?

    How do you ensure that my engineering data is kept confidential?

    How do we start?

    We have compiled all the common questions and specific answers. You can view the full list at this LINK.

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    Civil 3D Modeling

    What clients say about our civil engineering outsourcing services?

    There is no better confirmation of service quality than clients’ satisfaction about it. These reviews are the result of our constant efforts to provide the best quality and fast services to our clients. Clients’ heart-warming sharings about our work quality, turnaround time, effective communication throughout the work process, and affordable cost are the most specific and clear evidences of the effective and sustainable cooperation between Aidedo and clients.

    If you are genuinely seeking a civil engineering outsourcing provider for long-term collaboration in the years to come, please fill out the form below or send your requirements to us at We will respond immediately.


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