When you are a Vietnamese citizen, you cannot ignore the custom of giving lucky money at the beginning of the year, which brings luck and prosperity along with meaningful wishes and peace. At Aidedo, that is of course a must.

The extremely bright blue, red, purple, and yellow lucky money envelopes are prepared. The face value inside is sometimes not so important because the core of Aidedo Outsourcing Provider’s Lucky Money is the desire to bring a full Lunar New Year atmosphere to the company.

The cheerful smiles and excitement while participating in Aidedo members’ lucky red envelope drawing session were evident, and here are those joyful moments captured:

There were red envelopes containing varying amounts, some with generous sums, some with moderate amounts, and some with smaller amounts inside the lucky red envelopes. With a joyful spirit, the Aidedo red envelopes created an atmosphere of enthusiasm for company members, fostering motivation and eagerness in their work.

Let’s welcome the new year together with excitement and breakthroughs, with a cheerful and strong spirit, Aidedo members.

After the lucky draw program, Aidedo members sat together and had a small tea and cake meal. They shared stories at the beginning of the year, sent each other wishes and encouragement to welcome 2024 Nham Thin (year of the Dragon). This is what Aidedo Outsourcing Provider aims for its members: a healthy, happy connection and love.

Aidedo Outsourcing Provider would also like to send to our Partners and Associates a Year of the Dragon filled with luck, health, and success.


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