October 22, 2023 marked a 4-year development milestone of Aidedo Outsourcing Provider. Members of the Aidedo family organized a cozy and meaningful birthday party together. Each member can also attend with a loved one to make the party more fun.

This is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the journey we have undertaken. As of now, Aidedo has reached its fourth year, and it’s not a journey paved with roses or silk, but with the collective effort and contributions of all.

This party is to express gratitude to all employees who have been accompanying the company. All are bricks that contribute to building the foundation of a strong Aidedo today.

The company’s director, Mr. Aiden Tong ( , shared a few words about the difficulties experienced and achievements in the past year. He thanked the presence of those who had fun together at the party.

Of course, the image of everyone raising a glass to celebrate such a meaningful event is indispensable. The party took place in a happy and warm atmosphere.

In addition, this event also aims to wish happy birthday to employees born in October. The members went up to the stage to share their thoughts and prayers.

This is also an opportunity for everyone to showcase their artistic talents. Don’t think that a construction company would be dull and dry as bricks. Inside, there are hidden singers, and as soon as the microphone is in hand, they can set the stage on fire. Their voices shine brightly, elevating the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

In conclusion, this birthday party is not only an opportunity to celebrate the founding of Aidedo company but also an opportunity to connect and honor the members. Aidedo appreciates everyone’s contributions and hopes to grow together and reap many sweet fruits in the future.


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