Each business will have its own culture, the purpose of which is for personnel to have cultural uniformity and create an environment that operates in a unique way. The same goes for reading culture. Although this is not a strange culture in businesses, it exists at Aidedo. Let’s find out together.

What is Aidedo bookcase?

The Adideo Bookcase – Aidedo’s bookshelf serves a very simple function: to hold books, placed right in the company’s lobby area. This is to assert that it is one of the important and indispensable parts of Aidedo.

Aidedo’s bookshelf has books with many topics, books on psychology, emotions, feelings, short stories about daily life, economics – society, and the classic book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

What is the purpose of Aidedo Bookcase in the office?

The Aidedo Bookcase was established and operated in accordance with the company’s purpose and direction, which is to build and cultivate a reading culture among Aidedo members. As the Aidedo Outsourcing Provider operates entirely on computers and utilizes modern, advanced equipment, there is a tendency for individuals to sometimes overlook or gradually lose the habit of reading physical books.

The Aidedo Bookcase is not meant to enforce a specific reading frequency for Aidedo members per week or month; instead, it embodies a spirit of encouragement. Additionally, reading serves as an effective relaxation activity after prolonged periods of staring at computer screens, alleviating stress and reinvigorating positive energy in the workplace.

Reading is one of the most beneficial habits, offering relaxation for the body, mind, and soul. It involves sitting down to relax the body, engage the mind, and expand one’s knowledge. Reading allows the brain to rest, enhances memory retention, improves concentration, and strengthens analytical and critical thinking skills, contributing to both professional and personal growth. Particularly with these healthy habits, individuals can potentially increase their lifespan and gain mastery over their emotions, dispelling negative influences surrounding them.

The Aidedo Bookcase has something special.

Maintaining the habit of reading is not only beneficial for yourself but also helps everyone around build a reading culture through the “Book of the Year” program.

The “Book of the Year” program aims to honor the best books of the year, based on the votes of Aidedo members. By tallying the total number of signatures from members who have read the first page of the book, it also reveals who the diligent bookworms of Aidedo are.

The prize voucher is valued at 1,552,023 VND (one million five hundred fifty-two thousand twenty-three dong), the total prize value in the “Book of the Year” program.

The prize will be split between the Most Avid Reader and the Best Book Contributor. The voucher will be used to purchase books, encouraging everyone to keep reading, ensuring that the reading culture at Aidedo continues to thrive.

As for the number 1,552,023 in the voucher for the “Book of the Year” program, it’s simply because this is the commemorative number of the day the Aidedo Bookcase was established and placed in the lobby of the Aidedo Outsourcing Provider.

Currently, the bookshelf is still quite empty and needs to be supplemented with many books of all genres. We hope that Aidedo members will bring a lot of books to the shelf. The books you have read, or no longer read, bring them to the Aidedo Bookcase. You have read it but maybe others have not, it is an act of sharing knowledge in a humane way and what you do, Aidedo always recognizes those contributions.

Hopefully, in the future, Aidedo Bookcase will become more and more ” plump and sizable” to be able to serve the “hard-working Bees” of Aidedo most fully. Reading is no longer Aidedo ‘s Culture, but also a part of the passions and habits of Aidedo members now and in the future.

Thank you for reading and donating books to Aidedo Bookcase! Aidedo Outsourcing Provider



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