Land Survey Drafting Outsourcing Services

Are you looking for a land survey drafting service for your company’s projects?

Are you unsure about the cost of a land survey drafting service?

Are you wondering where to find the best company providing land survey drafting services?

Do you want to know the working process of a land survey drafting service provider?

Or are you already using a land survey drafting service and looking for a new provider for expansion, replacement, or risk reduction?

And there are many other questions and concerns that we often receive from our clients during consultations.

Why do you need a land survey drafting service?

Land survey drafting is the creation of technical drawings that precisely map out land areas and features based on land surveys. Land surveys provide detailed measurements of property boundaries, topography, and various other elements. Surveyors gather this field data, and land survey drafters convert it into drawings for legal, engineering, construction, and other applications. Therefore, any land survey firm needs a team of land survey drafters.

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Land Survey Drafting Sample

Having provided land survey drafting services for five years with a team of over 50 members who complete thousands of projects each year, we have identified several issues and reasons why land survey drafting services are necessary:

Difficulty in Hiring Land Survey Drafters: One of the main reasons for the shortage of land survey drafters is the lack of interest among young people in pursuing careers in this field. Surveying is not a well-known profession, and many students are not aware of the opportunities that exist in the field. Clearly, the supply of personnel in this industry is decreasing. Therefore, it is very difficult to recruit land survey drafters when needed.

High Costs for In-House Land Survey Drafters: The cost of salaries and benefits for an in-house team is too high, including training, recruitment, office facilities, equipment, management, taxes, software licenses, and insurance—all of which are increasing rapidly. Business owners are forced to look for cost-cutting solutions. So, what is the solution to reduce costs for in-house land survey drafters?

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Internal Meeting at Aidedo

Management Burden and Employee Retention: The shortage of land survey drafters has caused significant difficulties for business owners, but managing and retaining employees is even more challenging, stressful, and costly, from project managers to land survey drafters. The work style has changed significantly. Nowadays, workers are more interested in more autonomous, flexible jobs. This, to some extent, affects management and performance evaluation. If there is a solution to this problem, business owners in the land survey field will be more confident and secure in developing their businesses sustainably.

Bulky Teams: For larger companies, operational issues such as costs, benefits, insurance, taxes, office facilities, work efficiency, activities, corporate culture, processes, and systems are very cumbersome and resource-intensive. The current trend is to optimize the workforce, focusing on core values such as sales, marketing, customer care, and optimal design solutions, while basic tasks like land survey drafting should be outsourced.

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Internal Meeting at Aidedo

Desire to Expand Business but Uncertain How: Currently, you are doing an excellent job, from client interaction, consulting, and drawing implementation to editing to satisfy clients and meeting city government requirements, along with many other unnamed tasks surrounding you. You might be thinking, “If I keep working this way, how can the business grow?” or “How can the business develop?” So, what is the solution here?

Wanting More Land Survey Drafting Service Providers: You have been outsourcing land survey drafting and have seen significant benefits from this service. However, to prepare for expansion, reduce dependence on the current provider, or replace them with a better provider, you need additional options.

Does the solution of outsourcing land survey drafting really address the concerns and questions above?

What is land survey drafting?

Land survey drafting is creating technical drawings that precisely map out land areas and features based on land surveys. Land surveys provide detailed measurements of property boundaries, topography, and various other elements. Surveyors gather this field data and land survey drafters convert it into drawings for legal, engineering, construction, and other applications.

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Land Survey Drafting Sample

What are land survey drafting outsourcing services?

Simply put, it involves hiring an external provider to complete all or part of the tasks that the in-house team is currently performing, such as: Topographic Survey, ALTA Survey, Tree Survey, Boundary Survey, Setback Survey, Final Survey, Contours Plan, Plot Plan, Detail/Internal Survey, Set out/Peg out Survey, 3D Survey Modeling, Point Cloud to Floor Plans/Elevations, etc. See OUR SERVICES!

Who is land survey drafting service suitable for?

  • Land survey business owners in the startup stage: At this stage, you usually have to do everything yourself, from client interaction, consultation, design, implementation, submission, meetings, revisions, to fieldwork. However, as projects increase, you will become overwhelmed with work, and you will need to hire support. Recruiting land survey drafters in the US, Australia, Canada is not easy, not to mention the costs and other factors such as office space, benefits, policies, etc. Therefore, outsourcing some of the current tasks is a necessary solution with many benefits.
  • Small and medium-sized business owners: At this stage, even with staff, you still have a lot of work from customer consulting, marketing, training, setting up work systems, standardizing forms, styles, etc. Your main task is to build a core team with important members who have the skills and experience to deliver the best project quality to clients. Outsourcing non-core tasks not only saves costs but also frees up a large workload for the core team, allowing the core team more time for core tasks towards sustainable business development.
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Land Surveying Drafters at Aidedo
  • Large-scale businesses: At this stage, most businesses have a strong team, clear processes, and transparent mechanisms. However, the support of land survey drafting services will help optimize the workforce, prioritize the in-house team for important projects and tasks, and enable proactive long-term human resource strategies. Since the business is already large and operates according to standard processes, outsourcing and requesting a land survey drafting outsourcing provider is very easy. Outsourcing at this stage will help your business save money and optimize resources.
  • Additionally, if you are a solo owner, reluctant to manage in-house staff, not interested in growing a large business, and desiring a free lifestyle, outsourcing land survey drafting services is for you. You won’t need to invest in infrastructure, hire staff, or worry about fluctuating workloads. The outsourcing solution will assist you when needed, allowing you to pay only for projects you have, helping you handle multiple projects simultaneously, and manage urgent changes.
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Land Survey Drafting Sample

How do land survey drafting services work?

We are a leading land survey outsourcing services provider, following a streamlined 5-stage outsourcing process to ensure that our services are delivered with high quality, on time, and at cost-effective rates.

1. Establish Contact

  • You fill in the inquiry form.
  • Aidedo emails you promptly.

    2. Requirement Analysis

    • High-level understanding of requirements.
    • Ballpark estimate (where possible).
    • Approval to proceed.
    • Detailed understanding of your requirements.
    • Execute a pilot project (if required).
    • Normally, we will do a video call to discuss in detail the requirements, how we can support you, cost, turnaround time. This is an opportunity to meet directly and understand each other before starting to work together.

    3. Pricing & Contracting

    • Confirm pricing.
    • Proposal where required.
    • Contracting & SLA sign-off.

    4. Project Initiation

    • Resource deployment & training.
    • Project kick-off meeting.

    5. Project Steady State

    • Project execution & management.
    • Ongoing reporting & feedback.
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    Land Survey Drafting Outsourcing Services Process

    How does the land survey drafting process work?

    Land survey drafting involves the following steps:

    1. Analyze the field survey notes, data, boundary descriptions, photos, and other source documents from surveys.
    2. Use drafting software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Carlson Survey/Civil to draw the survey to scale.
    3. Lay out and delineate boundary lines, topographic contours, infrastructure, easements, and other features according to the survey data.
    4. Add annotations indicating measurements, coordinates, elevations, point identifiers, and notes.
    5. Cross-check drawing accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.
    6. Submit and revise per client’s feedback.

    The above land survey drafting process is typical. Each type of land survey job will have adjustments in steps to save time and ensure accuracy.

    How much does land survey drafting services cost?

    This is a question all clients interested in land survey drafting services are concerned about, and it is extremely important before starting to work together.

    With our 5 years of experience in providing services, we have 3 options, each with its own advantages: Hourly rate model, Fixed price model, Dedicated team model. Please take the time to read the details of our pricing models HERE.

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    Land Survey Drafting Sample

    Frequently asked questions about land survey drafting services

    • Do you provide a free trial?
    • How do you ensure that my engineering data is kept confidential?
    • How do we start?

    We have compiled all the questions and specific answers. You can view them in full at this LINK.

    What do clients say about our services?

    There is no better confirmation of service quality than clients’ satisfaction. These reviews are the result of our constant efforts to provide the best quality and fast services to our clients. Clients’ heartwarming sharings about our work quality, turnaround time, effective communication throughout the work process, and affordable cost are the most specific and clear evidence of the effective and sustainable cooperation between Aidedo and clients.

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