March 8 is a holiday dedicated to women and is celebrated by many countries around the world. During this holiday, there will be many commemorative activities held specifically for women across countries. And the women in Aidedo also need to be respected and loved.
The meaning of March 8 in Vietnam is also a day to honor all women, because women are for love. These women can be: Mothers, Grandmothers, Wives, Lovers, Sisters, Female Colleagues, etc. This is an occasion for men to give gifts to their women, to express gratitude, his majesty, masculinity, and sincerity.
Aidedo Outsourcing Provider is a company specializing in design and drawing techniques, so most of them are men and a few lovely women. That’s why Aidedo focuses on International Women’s Day, March 8, because of the “rare” density of women in the company.

Lovely bouquets of flowers and a small frame, printed with a beautiful photo, were given to each sister. The gifts were received with bright, satisfied smiles. The tulip is a flower that holds its own meaning based on the color of the flower. The flower boasts bright, vibrant colors along with the symmetrical petals, which are loved by women. The accompanying gift is a tabletop frame, printed specifically on each Aidedo “lady”. Seeing a beautiful photo of themselves on their desk will create a feeling of comfort, boost energy at work, and reduce stress.

Aidedo gentlemen are very sophisticated when choosing parts that convey cheerful and lovely messages. After the “Giving flowers and giving gifts” performance, Aidedo male members together sent good wishes to women on this International Women’s Day. And then Aidedo members will sit together and enjoy a small party with sweet cakes and delicious cups of tea.

On holidays and special days, Aidedo creates a small party, as well as an exchange session, bringing members together. They help members understand more about the meaning of those holidays, such as March 8, which is a day to honor the beauty of women and love the women around them more. Aidedo would like to send wishes to all women, not only today but also always be beautiful, happy, always loved, and respected like fresh flowers, showing off their radiant beauty.


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