Outsourcing land surveying drafting services

We offer Land surveying drafting services for all your Land Surveying business needs. Aidedo Team is dedicated to providing quality drafting services while ensuring adherence to ethics. Added to that, we aim to maintain strong client relationships by providing surpassing accuracy and attention to details.​​

Outsourcing Land Surveying Drafting Services
Outsourcing land surveying drafting services

At Aidedo, we understand the importance of this job, therefore our main focus lies in developing and delivering high-quality drawings that are accurate, as well as providing the client/firms with all the information they are looking for. We work with the latest drafting softwares such as: AutoCAD, Aidedo 3D and our team is well-trained  in each one of them.

We have worked with global clients and earned trust by providing quality drawings. Aidedo provides exemplary services, and the clients’ satisfaction is on top of our priorities.

Our team of experienced Land Surveying Drafting is eager to help with your upcoming projects. By working with us, your business will reduce costs and increase productivity.

We offer the various types of services below:

+ Residential Title Surveys

+ Commercial Title Surveys

+ Platting/Re-Platting Surveys

+ Topographic Surveys

+ Boundary Surveys

+ Tree Surveys

+ ALTA/NSPS Surveys

+ TABC Liqour License Surveys

+ Cell Tower/Communication Surveys

We take pleasure in offering competitive rates and fast turnaround times, 24 hours to most jobs. We are also readily available to handle to those last minute rush jobs that are inevitable in this field with ease and help alleviate the stress off of you.​

If you have any inquiries about Land Survey Drafting Services for your upcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact us, or you can just fill out our online form below. Outsourcing your work to a sufficient provider always bring you great advantages in your business.

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