Land Survey Drafting


A detail survey drafting is carried out to locate all features on a piece of land. This includes both natural and man-made structures. Natural features include vegetation of all sorts – rocks, trees, stumps and so on. Man-made structures include anything built above the ground – buildings, walls, driveways, utilities and so on.

Another feature of a detail survey is that it takes a look at the elevation of the land. It will collect data regarding points of elevation in the land and any contours on the land.

Features included in a detail survey include but are not limited to:

+ Boundaries

+ Contours

+ Site coordination

+ Location of features

+ Ridge and gutter heights

+ Trees

+ Outline of neighbouring buildings

+ Levelling

+ Spot levels

+ Easements

+ Underground Services

We also do Identification Surveys, Set out surveys, Peg out Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Topographic surveys, Construction survey, Subdivision survey, Easement surveys, Final Thoughts.

Moreover, we do Internal Survey Drafting which show an accurate representation of a building’s existing floor plan. These plans can display simple or highly detailed information of the area. Some of the typical features that are requested are.



More than just saving money, outsourcing your Detail Survey Drafting has a number of positive effects on businesses that are getting noticed such as time and space-saving since you don’t have to add and organize work stations/headcount, tax, staff benefits, sick leave, parking space, training time, and the list goes on.

Understanding that the surveying companies are being affected by the corona virus, outsourcing drafting tasks to the outsourcing company is the best and particularly the most economical option at the moment. Especially, Outsourcing Services allow you to use drafting resources whenever you need them and only pay whenever you have projects. You will get 100% productivity for each hour you pay for.

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